Min Hee:”Did you play around with me? Are you joking with me? Did you just play around with me?! Say something you jerk!”

Yun Seong:”Why did you come now? I’ve been waiting for you!”


Kim Na Na: “I miss him. I’m worried.”

Lee Yun Seong: “Hey, Kim Na Na. Do you know what time is it? It’s already 2 in the morning. You don’t even lock the door before showering. You dare go outside at night just because you know some judo?”

Kim Na Na: “You think I like to go outside in the middle of the night? I was worried and I couldn’t sleep either. I could only come outside to get some air. Can’t you come home earlier so that I would not worry? You made me angry and worried when you didn’t pick up your phone. Who is it that make me come out so late? How can you do this to me?”

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Hi guys, I’m back. How’s everyone? :)


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Is there gonna be a City Hunter season 2?

I don’t think so? Not sure.


Kim Na Na:”Why didn’t you let me die, why did you save me?”

Lee Yun Seong:”Kim Na Na.”

Kim Na Na:”Don’t you understand me? Just because you didn’t answer doesn’t mean I’m not going to wait. I’ll keep waiting. I will wait a lifetime for Yun Seong.”

Lee Yun Seong:”You’re still going to make things difficult?”

Kim Na Na:”Let’s walk together. Although I don’t know where this will end… let’s walk together, at least you won’t be alone. I won’t let Yun Seong continue to be alone. I can’t live without you.”

Lee Yun Seong:”Wait. Just wait a little longer. I have seen the end of it.